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Cover to Cover Expertise

We work as hard making your book look great as you did bringing it to life! Book design and production is a specialty for Ideamax. Our extensive experience in the book production process has taught us to design backwards. That means working hand-in-hand with the printer before we ever start the creative process to ensure the final product not only looks great, but that our designs make for highly efficient print runs. Optimum beauty and value with none of the wasted dollars associated with designs that weren’t created with printer production capabilities in mind. There’s never a sacrifice in quality, just the maximizing of your book project investment with all the unnecessary fat trimmed away! Our experience with a wide variety of book projects covering the full gamut production processes comes into play with every project we take on.

Whether it’s hardcover or paperback, the latest business best-seller or a premium-sized, luxury coffee table book, our creative and production services will have your content jumping off the pages without breaking the bank!